How to Speak and Communicate with Power and a Little Magic

Copyright© 2011 by Gil and Nili Peretz
How is the book structured?
Part One: Street Smarts
  1. Obama’s story – How it all began
  2. The secrets behind the magic – Three secrets Obama takes with him everywhere
  3. When we reach the bridge – How mediation capability influences people
  4. Like a ballet dancer – How to persuade by using a flexible transition between positions
Part Two: Obama’s Brain Power
  1. It’s all in your mind – You are what you think
  2. A Wall or a Cathedral – Obama’s vision
  3. Who am I – Obama’s identity
  4. Yes, I Can – Obama’s winning personal beliefs
  5. What really matters – Obama’s values
  6. Awakening the communicator within – Fulfilling inner capabilities and strategies
Part Three: Engineering Winning Messages
  1. The Core Messages – How to use and instill optimistic messages
  2. The winning topics – How to speak about what motivates people
  3. True, it’s difficult – How to handle potential objections
  4. It’s simple – How to make complex messages clear and catchy
  5. You can be a star – How to speak on stage with confidence, like Obama
  6. Uhh, Uhhmm… – The secret of quiet charisma
Part Four: The Magic of Intimate Communication
  1. A love story – How to create an intimate relationship when you communicate
  2. Dance with them – How to connect and stimulate action by using the “Pacing and Leading” technique
  3. Inspire people like a personal coach – How to compliment, empower, and conquer audiences
  4. The power of humor – How to laugh at your own weaknesses and win
Part Five: The Power of the Mind in Communication
  1. Under the Radar – How to penetrate your audience’s right brain with power stories
  2. Don’t say it, paint it! – How to make messages stick with simple metaphors
  3. The mind as a super computer – How to connect to the thinking strategies of your audience
Part Six: Linguistic Patterns Tool Box
  1. Why does it work? – How to ask questions and lead to the desired direction
  2. 1,2,3 – How to exploit the mind’s preference for the magic number 3
  3. Repetition, repetition, repetition – How to help your target internalize your key messages
  4. Black and white – How to use contrasts to emphasize key messages
  5. Kennedy said – How to influence by using great people quotes
  6. Verbal Aikido – How to exploit the opponent’s momentum and verbally subdue him
  7. Who said it? – Hand in hand with the subconscious
Part Seven: The Magic of Nonverbal Communication
  1. Without words – How to use movements, gestures, and empowering body language
  2. All the world is a stage – How to use the surroundings, the setting, and props to empower your messages
  3. Voice Power – How to thrill and influence an audience by varying voice tones
You are invited to upgrade your “communication IQ” and hone your presentation skills by implementing the secrets we had found when we cracked the code of Obama’s formula for engineering and delivering effective messages.
Magnetizing. Charismatic. Eloquent. Captivating. Natural talent. Energetic. Exciting. Persuasive. Heart- piercing. The master of words. There has always been sweeping agreement regarding Obama's extraordinary communication skills, even among his opponents. This is why we have chosen him as our role model for effective communication. President Obama has an extraordinary ability for speaking, for conveying messages in an effective manner, and for influencing an audience. This ability is not disputed, and certainly helped him get elected as the 44th President of the United States.
Though words have enormous power, they cannot solve all the problems of the world. As our book goes to print in the middle of Obama’s third year as President, one could claim that he did not solve many of America’s economic challenges and as of September 2011, we can see that, indeed, a lot of hard work is still ahead of him. Therefore, please note that our book is by no means a political book. It’s a professional “how-to” guide for anyone who wants to excel as an effective communicator.
Once you start to use Obama’s secrets, you will communicate your messages like a pro, you will connect with your target audience using the secrets we reveal in this unique book, and you will inspire any audience and stimulate action. We are confident that anyone who reads and applies Obama’s secrets will gain a competitive advantage – including you.
Have you ever been unfortunate enough to have to sit through, or even to have to make, a long and boring PowerPoint presentation? You should be aware that what makes the difference in any presentation is you, the presenter. You connect. You create a trust. You bond with your audience. You speak. You handle objections. You sell. You motivate. You are the message. It’s all about you.
This book reveals Obama’s secrets of communication and the manner in which he uses the power of words to influence, persuade, mesmerize, and, ultimately, garner people’s support of his views. And as you will soon discover, Obama’s ability to influence people is a skill that can be learned. Most of his secrets are easy to implement, and they will assist you in every area of your practice and career. As Peak Performance coach Anthony Robbins says, “The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.”
This book is the outcome of study, research, and thorough analysis that we have conducted for over three years. For the purpose of research, we have read, viewed, and analyzed over three hundred of Obama’s speeches and media appearances. We started our analysis of the communication techniques he used in his speeches from the 1990s when he was still relatively unknown, we covered his campaign for president in 2008, and we reviewed many of his speeches as president right up until August 2011.
In addition, we have analyzed, using diverse tools, Obama’s personality and media profile as depicted in his first two books Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance and The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream.
In our research, we sought to break the code to Obama’s special charisma – his extraordinary ability to connect with diverse audiences and influence them, while changing attitudes and behaviors of people worldwide. Though we have not yet met President Obama face to face, we believe that, during our mutual journey, we have managed to decipher the majority of his secrets of communication and influence. Our view is based on our systematic and in-depth analysis of the vast array of research material, and on our own professional experience.
It is important to reiterate that anyone can learn what Obama has learned to do as a communicator. Yes, anyone. Anyone can apply the tools provided in this book.
Our book is the result of a unique combination of our shared professional experience. Together, we wrote this book out of love. We wrote a practical book for you, which is based on Obama’s secrets. It includes dozens of tools from the arenas of persuasion, communication, presentation, psychology, and recent studies in the field of brain science. Our goal is to help you to use the tools presented here to convey your messages in a better way: more sincerely, more persuasively.
We have no doubt that this book will be useful for any individual who wants to have a successful career. Therefore, whether you are a CEO, a corporate president, an entrepreneur, or a business owner, whether you are in sales and marketing, or you are a lawyer, a teacher, or a politician—you can benefit significantly from Obama’s secrets.